We dress up in costumes, consume massive amounts of sweets, disembowel pumpkins. The Polish actually do something meaningful. Maybe it's not fair to compare Halloween with All Soul's day (Zaduski)- after all, Zaduski is actually Nov.1st. But these candles in the huge central cemetery of Warsaw do kind of kick Halloween's butt.

Some graves were clearly very celebrated people, but I honestly did not see a single grave without at least one candle on it.

There was some filming going on, so I took advantage of their floodlight to take this shot.

We enjoyed a wonderful evening with our friend's, the Lewis's. A big Gnocchi feed, long walk to the cemetery, and hot chocolate. Colin is not into complying with photography these days. Halloween photos to follow.
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  1. Julie said...
    Very COOL!
    Brandon and Becca said...
    That does look very cool. I had to do a little research on what All Souls day is about. Interesting idea of redeeming your dead family though prayer. I guess Mormons aren't the only ones concerned with doing work for those who have past.
    Anonymous said...
    cool candles!

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