Halloween Ready

For limited packing space, the kids Halloween costumes are basically pjs this year. We brought Colin's pirate hat so he can be a ghost pirate and Jane is just a cute 1 year old in Halloween jammies. While we were waiting for our laundry on Monday night and out of night clothes, we let the kids have a Halloween pj preview. I was finally able to peel Colin's skeleton off him on Thursday so it could be washed and ready for Saturday. (His skeleton glows in the dark and it is very fun.) We are excited because some friends we met at Church have invited us to an Embassy Halloween party and trick-or-treating. We are also excited for All Souls Day. We plan to head over to the big cemetery to see all the candles. We were at Carrefour (it is like a French Walmart, very big) and their seasonal section instead of being full of costumes and candy is all candles for the cemeteries. I love cemeteries anyway, it should be very cool.

If we had had the space to pack it, I would have put Jane in Colin's monkey costume from a couple years back. (and borrowing Jeanette's idea, I was going to have Colin dress as the Man in the Yellow Hat to trick-or-treat with his George sister). This was Colin trick-or-treating at the Kansas City Zoo in 2007. I think Brian and I have only been in our home for Halloween for 1 year of our 6 year marriage. (2004 Chicago I think, 2005 Seattle, 2006 Connecticut, 2007 Kansas City, 2008 California, 2009 Poland)

Here is Jane happily watching Dora. I got the a Dora Halloween DVD that has taught her how to say "Trick or treat". Both kids are Dora obsessed, but possibly more Jane than Colin. Dora brings her intense joy and allows me to wash dishes while she is occupied. Jane can count in Spanish and loves to yell "salta" and has a very sweet "de nada".

(In the background you can see our toy kitchen. It is really fine and quite a clever unit with a fridge under two heating elements, a sink and another cupboard. Very clever use of space. As much as Colin bounces off the walls in our two rooms here, the benefits of living in the theater and in this great park of town far outweigh a couple of inconvenient aspects. We are happy to be here. )
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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    Happy Halloween, Stuckis! (Be sure to post some cemetery pictures. It sounds awesome.)
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    When did Jane turn into a little girl and not a baby? In the picture of her at the table watching Dora she looks way too grown up! She is just darling. Colin is at a great age for Halloween this year, he'll love trick-or-treating. Enjoy!!
    Julie said...
    That's fun that you'll get to take the kids to a Halloween party with trick or treating & all!
    I like cemetaries too, I bet that will be really cool looking.
    Have a fun Halloween!!!

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