Here is a photo of Brian's most recent opera, The Italiana Girl in Algiers with Utah Opera. The month has been a blur because usually when we are home we are on vacation so it was strange to have an entire month of work and sleep in our own bed. The show went well, it was well received and funny. Brian was sick with three different things during the rehearsal period which was less than ideal. It is one of the harder tenor roles and to deal with illness on top was not fun. But he did great. The SL Tribune said of him: Stucki navigated his fiendishly high, florid music with skill. We enjoyed getting to know some of the Utah Opera people and hope to seem them around since we live here. Brian made a killer Banana Cream Pie for some of his colleagues. We will have to get together for more pie another time.
Now we are off to Arizona next week for another Barber of Seville and some nice time in Tucson and Phoenix. We are excited because we have some good friends in Tucson and our apartment complex has a heated pool and is next door to Trader Joes. We will be all set.
The photo above is from the SL Tribune article.
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  1. rusted sun said...
    Always nice to see a photo of your hubby with his arms around another woman. :)

    Well done Brian!
    Ann said...
    Yes, Brian does have a stange job that sometimes has him hugging and kissing other women. Not too ideal for me, but he has explained that when things like that are choreographed and with stage lights and make-up, etc, it is not romantic. Lucky for me he is doing a lot of Rosinni this year and those are not very kissy operas. I am moderately ok with it as long as we get paid, but then it is like a strange postitution. Hmm. . .

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