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There have been things I have intended to blog in the last little while, but the last few days were taken up by getting ready and driving to Tucson, AZ. Here some recent photos of Jane. It has been very fun because her language is just taking off. In mid-February when Brian and I were going out, Jane, out of nowhere said, "Don't go." She has been saying "brush your teeth" and "blow your nose" for quite a while, but I think she sees those phrases as one word. In Philadelphia in early March when I was turning off the dvd player, she said "don't turn off Diego Mommy." She strings more words together everyday and it is so fun to see her little thoughts. She says things like "I see towels" and "I need shoes". She can also be very opinionated and knows what she wants. She is fine as long as we do not get in the way of her fun, but her fun involves trying to run into the road. I still can't turn my back. She has also started to ask why all the time. Just as she was looking at the photos, she said "apple dress" since that is what she is wearing. We have no idea why, but she has given Colin the name Sessy as I hear it, but Brian thinks she is saying Sassy. She can say Colin, but he is consistently Sessy these days. When Colin was two instead of Pluto (you know, Mickey's dog) he always said Quito. Who knows.

Jane getting a pretend drink in from the Nana's Christmas kitchen. She loves to play kitchen.

Colin and Jane have been hard to photograph together, but they were being kind of cute the other day.

The cuteness turned into hair pulling. Jane can take Colin down. Just this morning, Jane was awake before Colin and when he woke up she was so excited that she was giving some very aggressive hugs. Colin told her "that is too much love Jane!"
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