On Monday night, we got a good 10 inches of snow. Tuesday was a beautiful day and in the 50's so an ideal day to sled. We are very spoiled to have this great hill, but it is technically my sister's.
Brian got this big tube at the tire store, it was a good time.
It was super bright with the sun and the snow.

Jane above, exploring the field and below, the tracks she left.

Our kids LOVE sledding! I was feeling a little blah and pregnant, I just took photos.

And today, we said good bye to Colin's first baby tooth! We did not even know it was loose until his 5 year doctor's visit when our pediatrician pointed it out. It was very exciting, and we hope the tooth fairy comes tonight!


  1. Jet said...
    Oh, no. I CANNOT even let L see this post. She will be SOOO jealous of Colin. And since we know everything is a competition (in her mind) w/ him, I'd better not say anything. In fact, just today she said, "I'm going to turn 5 1/2 before Colin does, right?" Hah!! Go Colin! :)
    malia said...
    TUBING!!!! How fun! that was a great hill! And congrats on the tooth!

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