Vatican City

Still a lot of Rome to document. . . I can do this post without the guide book as above is St. Peter's Basilica. We rented an apartment about a ten minute walk from the Vatican and while I came here on walks all the time with the kids, in our last few days in Rome we finally took the kids inside.

Poor Colin had a fever for a couple days, and I think had a fever while we were looking around on this very day. He was a good little sport. We had meant to go to the Basilica the day before but his fever made him sleep that afternoon (which is very strange for Mr. Colin). No strollers allowed in the Basilica, be ready.

A little Michelangelo.

This former Pope or Saint seems to be threatening us to be good or else.

View from outside. Brian read that that obelisk has been in this spot since AD 37, thus likely witnessing the martyrdom of St. Peter. I think he said it is called The Witness. Rome does LOVE obelisks, can hardly turn a corner without seeing yet another one! I wonder how that makes Egypt feel.

I was amused to see Brian talking like an Italian to the Swiss Guard. Way to use your hands!

Above, another guard on duty.

And below, a nice little view from the wall that leads out of Vatican City. Follow this wall right down to the Castle as there is a playground AND carousel there. Good times.

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