Easter aftermath

Our rug not long after the Easter Bunny came.
We have shoes everywhere in our house.

Someone got a ring pop.

I think this is only the 3rd time since Brian and I have been married that we colored eggs, and the first time we did it with kids. (We have spent a lot of Easters away from home.) Ideally we would have done this sooner and let the Easter Bunny hide these eggs too but instead, we colored them after dinner. Our kids were delighted and actually do love hard boiled eggs. Very exciting.

I made them take of clothes, I already do enough laundry and did not want to deal with more stains. (Although, has anyone noticed how the liquid OxyClean foams up on grass stains? I kind of love that.)
Brian got some little q-tip things that were filled with color too.

And we ended the day with this lovely mango tart. Brian has a major disagreement with
Cook Illustrated on this one since they say that mango is too weepy for tarts. Turned out just fine.


  1. rusted sun said...
    Mango tart....why do you torture me! yum, yum, yum.
    Jet said...
    How lucky are we that 33% of your egg coloring has been with us. Wow--we are so privileged! I just remember Ted bouncing Colin in his arms in the kitchen while Brian became Michelangelo with eggs. ;)
    Anne said...
    Mango tart! I have a lot of disagreements with Cooks Illustrated too. But I do love their trial and error commentary. Just not in love with the lack of pomegranate or fennel recipes.

    I will have to try OxyClean some time. We are Zout devotees.

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