Brian might not miss this scene, but the little guys who made it are pretty cute when they are not fighting. Jane just looked at the photo and said "that is a fun dumping of the Little People!" The mess has gotten even worse as now the kids are building a train track through the pre-existing mess. I was curious and playing with my Dad's old fish eye lens this morning. It is super wide and focus free. I need to play with the old lenses more.

We also had a Jane potty training breakthrough this morning. I won't be too graphic in the explaining, but it is very exciting. The process is probably not over, but things are going. Obviously this is from before Brian left. When he is home, he plays Disney songs for the kids everyday and they dance. My Mom made this skirt for the new children's exhibit at the Church History Museum downtown and Jane thinks it is hers.
On Fridays we have cousin time with Mallory and Mia. The kids are all very cute together.
And a while back, we got a special Pie of the Month 3D card. The kids take turns sleeping with the 3D glasses.

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  1. Sarah said...
    Oh Ann so sorry about your back!! I'm glad you are surviving Brian's absence. Hang in there. You look like you are doing all the right mom things!! being a mom is such an adventure.

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