I would love a re-do of the entire month on December. After 5 years of pretty great family health (a few things here and there but nothing super terrible) we were all sick just in time for the holidays. Colin and Jane had it first, gave it to me, and then to my Mom. Very thankfully, Brian missed it during his 8 performances, but he and Kate got it the week before Christmas. All the people I wanted to see, all the neighbor gifts we hoped to give, all the gatherings we hoped to attend or host, all gone. We found out from Brian's ER run on Christmas Eve that we were passing around strep. (Guess how much an ER visit Christmas Eves runs? Over $800!!) Brian has had several complications with his ear, the most recent being partial facial paralysis. Oh my. We just hope he is getting better and regains his hearing! It is quite miserable to have an eardrum burst.

To make things more fun, we added a stomach flu to the mix! We had been stuck in the house for a few days and wanted to do something as a family. I had bought a membership to the planetarium so we headed downtown. On the way, Jane was complaining of a sick tummy. I was not sure if she had just wanted attention since Colin had been sick. She was pretty funny though because she told me she had thrown up by our couch but was "saving it for a surprise for later". She fell asleep but was happy to wake up at the Gateway, where she then threw up on Brian. When our kids are sick, we let them sleep in our room on a "sickie bed" but we had to have two sickie beds in our infirmary. Thankfully kids are better now and although I have technically not been sick since early December, I feel like I am still recovering!

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  1. Erin said...
    Ann, I'm so sorry. It does sound miserable, although the surprise vomit getting saved for later made me chuckle. As for Brian, I had no idea that a burst eardrum could cause so many problems! I will add you all to my personal prayer roll.

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