Merry Christmas!!

We had a fun, not quite as planned day, but still, a lovely Christmas.

Jane got some new dress-ups (on 75% off after Halloween) and she asked Santa for Princess Legos. Thankfully, he found them.

Colin's Santa present was a blue Transformer motorcycle.

The transformer is a little tricky and needed some Daddy help. Poor Brian, here he is still with his hospital wristband. He had to go to the ER in the middle of the night with an extreme ear infection. His membrane ruptured, which we found out is not fun. He's starting to feel better but not the Christmas Eve we had hoped for.

Christmas carnage.

Colin found the pickle ornament and got the pickle prize. He was delighted.

Baby Kate was a little unsure of this unusual day.

She loved her new toy.

Not long before I took this photo, she had a blow out that was dripping down my leg and onto my shoe. She then spit up all over her new sweater, and had a second blow out later in the day. Still a nice Christmas, it has just taken more out of us than we expected.
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  1. Erin said...
    Oh my goodness. Hope this day after Christmas gives you time to recover. Will Brian's ear be ok? Jane's a cutie!

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