Colin has been keeping the Tooth Fairy busy this summer.  First one front tooth. . .

Then the other. 

The toothless wonder.  He lost another this week while eating a carrot he picked from the garden.  Kind of funny, a couple years back when Colin was taking a hip hop dance class, the teacher asked if anyone had any questions (about the dance they were doing).  Colin's hand shot up and he asked, "what does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth she collects?"  The teacher said she did not know, so he explained they are ground up into dream dust to help kids have good dreams.  Funny boy.  Today he asked me would happen if the whole world were made of marshmallows.  
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  1. Sarah said...
    Fun to catch up. Such cute kids. Jack and colin would be great friends i think. And how fun it would be to live with Grandma. Enjoy your last days of summer. Ours just ended.

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