Bar Harbor part 1

Back in July, six days after he was home from Warsaw, Brian left for a Romeo and Juliette with the Bar Harbor (Maine) Music Festival.  We were sad to see him go so quickly, but Kate and I were able to join him thanks to Delta Skymiles.  Colin and Jane stayed home in the care of friends and Nana as travel with everyone is out of the budget for now.   The first thing we did was eat lobster.  

Kate did enjoy playing with the meaty leg.  I was a bit nervous to travel with Kate as she does not have the travel experience that the older kids do.  She was a great traveler, but the first night in Maine, she did not want to settle down.  We had to go on a sleepy drive. 

We spent as much time as we could in Arcadia National Park.  This was an awesome hike that includes these planks around the lake.  We then had the famous pop overs with our old friend Ryan, yay! 

We walked out to Bar Island, as during low tide, there is a sandbar allowing crossing.  You need to time it well because in high tide, you'll be stuck. 

View of Bar Harbor from Bar Island.  And below, proof I was there too, ready with a baba and the diaper bag. 
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