Back what seems like forever ago (mid-August) we took a wonderful family trip to Yellowstone!  We went with 3 other families with a total of 13 kids for 6 days in that amazing national park.  It feels like a major parenting milestone to have 5 nights of tent camping with 3 kids under our belt.  It really was a good time. 

Look!  A thermal feature!!

Just a few of the kids

Heaven forbid they stand together in a photo. 

Jane was very hot.  We lagged behind on lots of the trails.  

And that's Jane still laying in the shade after I walked away. 

Ice Cream stop!!  It was very hot in the day, and in the 30's at night. 

I love our friend's boy's flag shirt with the flags. 

Kate's happy to get the end of our cones. 

Jane and another friend, such cute girls!!  Jane is so good at getting messy.          
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