Baby Bat

There was a lot of camping excitement where there was a baby bat on our friend's car!  

Jane's blurry, but she was being very funny, telling me that we needed to give the bat a name.  I can't remember what she said, some nonsense word that was very cute. 

The little wing seemed to be stuck under the license plate.  Our brave friend finally got him free! I think there was a lot of screaming.  

Later that day, we picnicked by a stream for fishing. 

Colin got a cool fishing pole for his birthday.  It shoots out like a gun. 

At the Artist Pots.  While at this thermal feature, we came up some very hippie like people.  It was HILARIOUS because when I was walking with Jane and they passed us, Jane noticed their body odor.   She asked me what that bad smell was.  I just tried to brush the subject away, but Jane said, "I think it smells like someone's bum!"  Yes Jane, it did smell like bum. 

And below, when playing in the water at lunch, Jane peed her pants.   She told me that because she was in the water she did not think it mattered, forgetting she was still wearing clothes.  She borrowed some shorts and got the bum dirty. 
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