Happy Birthday Colin!

Colin turned a whole one year old! We cannot believe how quickly a year has gone by. We are currently in Brooklyn in a sublet while Brian works on a production with Dicapo Opera in Manhattan. The sublet is lovely, which is nice because it is too cold to be outside for long periods of time. We had wanted to take Colin to a toy store today for something fun for his birthday. Since it is so cold, we just made a quick trip to a cup cake bakery. Colin had more sugar today than he has had in his whole little life and he loved it.

This morning Colin was in the bathroom with me and grabbed the soap. Before I could get it away from him he had taken a good bite. I expected the first bite to deter him, but he continued to take at least two more bites without wincing. I included a photo of my soap. Hmm. . . I think one of my nieces used to eat soap.

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  1. jungleprincess said...
    I love Colin's little white wig! I need to call you back and tell you all about my HypnoBirthing certification course.

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