Home again, briefly

We arrived to our Indiana home late in the evening on the 26th. The past few weeks have been very difficult, but also full of much kindness and sympathy. I was able to travel to Utah to be with family after our recent great loss. My travel was even sponsored by a kind soul donating skymiles to make sure I could be home to grieve with family. I have very much appreciated all of the emails and voice mails from friends across the country. I have been a little hit and miss getting back to people, but thank you to all.

Brian did great in his New York debut. You can see photos of the opera at http://www.playbillarts.com/news/article/6045.html He was very spooky as a ghost in the second act, as is evident in the photos. He is next off tomorrow for a production in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Colin and I will join him later in the month so I can prepare the house for our move. The we will be back two days before closing to finish things up and become homeless. When we are home later in the summer, we will move to SLC to make a home base there with family.

We have many hectic but exciting months ahead. March is North Carolina, then we are off to Israel for April-June. We plan to travel a bit in Europe on our way home, then back to Indiana to move things from storage to Salt Lake.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Pack it up, pack it in
    Let me begin...(That's all I know of that song.)

    But good luck with the packing and driving and settling into a new place albeit, temporarily.

    I miss the baby!


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