Sweet Home Indiana

I have been a bit nostalgic for our home because it will not be ours for too much longer. After seven months on the market, our condo is under-contract and set to close the end of March. We love our condo, but seeing we have only been there for 2 months since April 2006, it will be a good thing. We thought we would have a whole month to organize and pack, but Brian has an offer to sing in North Carolina for March. Hmm. . . it is a good opportunity but a bit crazy. My parents are coming to help in early March. We are also preparing to leave the country for more than 2 months as Brian has a job in Israel and then we plan to stop over in Europe. It is all a little insane, but when did we ever live life as normal people? I have been looking back at photos of home that I wanted to share.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hooray for opera in North Carolina!
    DanaLee said...
    Hooray for an opera in North Carolina! I cannot wait!

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