Here is Brian, also for one of my photo assignments. We liked this photo for if he needs something a bit more pensive for some music thing sometime. (Brian says I need to go to the blog writing lab to help me with the last sentence.)

Nephew Mikey. He has an appointment with a barber today.

Here is Grace when she does not have a mouth full of brownie.

If I had not married Brian and if I had been born in 1932 this could have been me. My mom is not sure how we are related, but kind of strange to see your former name in the obituaries. I spent a whole 28 years as Ann Hinckley.
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  1. april said...
    that pix of brian does look quite operish to me. do post of a pix of mikey post haircut. thanks for all the great pix you sent today. i do love that one of grace.
    malia said...
    Love the bit about the blog writing lab. That made me laugh so hard. And wow! That obituary was a little scary for me for a second. I'm glad you are still alive.

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