Sunday dinner

My sister's family is visiting from Washington and my nieces from Connecticut are here, so all the other Utah Hinckley's came over for a big Sunday dinner(17 or 18 people, hard to keep track). Brian is finally home from Florida (yeah!). He was only gone 2 weeks, but it was a long two weeks. Colin was very happy to see his Dada today. All day he would run over to Brian and say "hi Dada!"

At one point during dinner I thought Colin was running around with the cousins but he was mysteriously missing. My niece Anna went to look for him and this is what she found. He is very into moving furniture to get at what he wants and he wanted brownie. It was quite the disaster. We knew something was going on when we did not hear him for a few minutes (you can usually hear him playing or screaming).

Colin did show us that the brownies were not all the way cooked. For next time we will teach him to check with a toothpick.
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  1. DanaLee said...
    Hey Annie! I received my beautiful birthday charm. I love it! Thank you for always remembering IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! :) I love what a little mischief maker Colin has become. But seriously I am totally craving undercooked brownies now. I am glad Brian is back to help you. Spring break is in April, I am planning on coming then.
    Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    Hilarious. What a funny kid!
    april said...
    very cute. at a macnair gathering when lily was 2, we noticed she was missing to find her in the kitchen eating the huge chocolate bars for the chocolate fondu fountain. it's fun catching them in the act and at least chocolate leaves lots of evidence so it's always easy to find the culprit.

    p.s. glad the culprit wasn't lily this time.
    malia said...
    That is so funny! I love it. Sorry that he got into the brownies...especially if they were part of the dinner. But you are right...he saved all of you from rawness and that was very nice of him. How fun that you are all together.
    The only one who writes anything said...
    I can sooo imagine James doing something like this someday. However, he'd be hiding eating a crate full of cherry tomatoes instead!
    Ann said...
    Maybe some people would find this too gross, but we simply put the brownies back in the oven and when they were more cooked ate the whole pan.

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