President Hinckley

We spent a nice restful morning watching the funeral proceedings for President Hinckley. While we are sad at his passing, we are so grateful for all he has done for our Church and the world. It has been lovely looking back on his life and accomplishments.

I got the chance to meet President Hinckley in 1999 and he made fun of the mission I served for our Church. He set my parents apart as mission presidents when they were preparing to leave for England. It was a neat experience to have some time with him. (I think my Dad kind-of could not escape some church service since President Hinckley was a cousin of my Grandpa Hinckley, President Faust was my dad’s bishop growing up and President Monson worked with my Grandpa and Dad. We ran into President Monson in the hallway before the setting apart and he had my Dad in a head-lock talking about former work things.) So before the setting apart we had some time to sit around and chat. President Hinckley was asking us about our lives and asked us about our missions. I said I served in Argentina and President Hinckley said “too bad you did not serve in England” (unfortunately I wasn’t married to Brian yet since he served in England. Maybe a British serving spouse would have counted for something). I stood up for Argentina and said I liked it there but President Hinckley being quite the Anglophile very quickly said “I have been to both places and I know England is more beautiful.” I always hesitate telling this to any of my Argentine friends since England can still be a sensitive subject so disculpame Carlitos y Diana si lean eso. President Hinckley signed my call to go to Argentina so I think I was supposed to go there anyway. I find it amusing that our Prophet mocked my mission. It was still a very special experience to have some time with him and feel of his spirit. At the time I did kind of want to ask him some questions about my future, but I don’t think the prophetic calling really lends itself to fortune telling. When he walked into the room he looked like such a frail old man but that all melted away when he started speaking. It was very obvious how on top of everything he was. He has left us a great legacy and will be missed by millions.
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  1. Julie said...
    That is a great story and what a fun personal experience. It is amazing to me that we have opportunities now and then to be in the presence of and even get to know our prophets. I love the "realness" of our leaders. Thanks for sharing your story. It touched me and made me laugh. :)
    april said...
    it's ok, ann, if you remember in that same meeting i "incorrectly" tried to correct the prophet because i thought he got us confused. i think that was my only words to him: "ann is the one going to england." oh well. thanks for sharing your insights. i think it is good to remember that the prophet is real person.
    Pao said...
    Te acuerdas cuando estabamos en la mision y en una conferencia en santa rosa , alguien te pidio un autografo en el libro de mormon? that was hilarious , I still tell the story.Yo pienso que tu te tomas las bromas muy apecho, el Profeta tenia un muy buen sentido de humor.Seguramente te estaba bromeando y vos lo tomastes a pecho, don't take it to serious , es facil acordarse de las imperfecciones , pero dificil enfocarse en las cosas q son verdaderamente importantes.I know you....;)
    malia said...
    That is a great story, Ann. I loved it. Thanks for sharing. It's always fun to hear about the "everyday lives" of those we revere so much.

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