Happy Fathers Day

I think Brian had a bit of an exhausting Father's Day. Colin has been under the weather and most of the Colin care has fallen to him since I am nursing our new born baby nearly non-stop during the day. Colin has been very contrary and a extra hard to handle. It has been sad to see Colin sick and without energy since that is so opposite from his normal self. He seems to have had a sore throat since he told us he had "owwie mouth" and has had digestive troubles, which make for an "owwie bum". It is hard too because it is good for him to have diaper free time, but this has proved most dangerous. Brian got Colin bathed today and had not yet gotten him in a diaper. I was dozing on the bed with the baby and I heard Colin announce something about a poopy. (Yesterday he had an accident in the bathroom after his bath and he told me his poopy had fallen out.) I called to Brian because I was not very fast-moving and Colin went streaking across our room. When Brian came in it was very clear the path Colin had taken. Hmm. . . and since I am not really leaving the house, we did not get out to even get Brian a Father's Day gift. We will try to make it up to him as he is a great dad and has put up with a lot recently.


  1. april said...
    sorry he's not been feeling well. is he ready to be potty trained? definitely not something i would do with a new baby (or before a long car trip, or when your just tired from four kids, so who knows when evan will be trained).
    pieofthemonth said...
    heeeyyyyy!! that's an EASTER photograph!
    malia said...
    awww! brian IS such a great daddy, isn't he? :)

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