So Colin got a hold of the camera this morning (like the bedhead?) I decided that I would let him have a little supervised time with it before putting it far out of his reach. Here are the results.

He started with a few abstract studies in design and proportion.

Next came the still life. The red car is the one he takes to bed with him. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he doesn't call for Mommy or Daddy. We hear a little forlorn voice on the baby monitor- "red car... red car..." He also talks about Curious George in his sleep. Unfortunately for us, Curious George is his mentor.

He was shooting with one of the old manual lenses with a very wide aperture. So I was amazed at how lucky he got with the focus.

Finally, the portraiture. Look out Liebowitz.


  1. april said...
    i'm impressed!
    achirolla said...
    Your commentary is as entertaining as his pictures :) I'm planning to do a post of Sam's photography hobby, but as he has not figured out how to point the camera away, 99% of his are close-up self-portaits. We're lucky if we get more than a nostril or an eyeball.
    malia said...
    are you kidding me? he took those? that's great!

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