Colin really has been great with the arrival of a baby sister who demands an enormous amount of attention. The Stucki grandfolks were here for a few days after Jane was born and Colin had the advantage of lots of playtime with his Grandpa Stucki, who has a special gift for entertaining kids Colin's age. Since they left, we've tried hard to give him special dedicated time with both parents. Today he made birthday twinkle star brownies with Mommy in honor of Jane. He had a great time and was really involved in the process.

He enjoyed announcing, "I mixing it!" He's forming more and more complete sentences these days and it's very cute to hear his thoughts.

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  1. Pao said...
    Colin looks so grown in that picture, he's a big brother now , how everything doing with the new baby?
    Julie said...
    Such a nice boy. Love the twinkle star brownies.
    april said...
    really, how can you forget about colin? i just don't think that's possible.

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