We are on the road for some Stucki family time this week. We have been in Yakima, WA with Brian's brother's family and are heading up close to Seattle today. Our lovely sister-in-law needed some photos for work. Since Brian did not love having the neighbor's garage in the top photo, he added a lovely little orchard. I love having access to his photoshop skills! We will post more best of photos later, and need to get more family shots.

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  1. CollinsFamily said...
    That is really cool that you can change the background~ even in the reflection on the window. You are a very talented pair.

    Julie said...
    That's fun to have family time. My mom's family is from Yakima. we are going up there again after my parents get back from Panama in two weeks. Does your family happen to know any Hatfield's, Trees, or Church's? Have a fun time!
    andi said...
    And it the reflected window too!!! Wow, I'm impressed. Sign me up for classes.

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