We have had lots of family in town recently. Above are Minnesota Hinckleys along with Utah Hinckleys. Colin took a great liking to his Uncle Russ, as seen in the photo. Everyone has come around because my Dad's cancer has gotten a great deal worse recently. We were supposed to be at our family cabin in Wisconsin this week for a family reunion celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary but since Dad cannot travel and is in poor health, everyone switched their plans. Dad's health has declined very quickly and we are just grateful for all the family support and the time we have.

Here are a couple of Seattle cousins who were here recently. Colin loved having them around. Unfortunately I only got photos of 2 of the 4 cousins who were visiting. We now have cousins here from Connecticut and Colin is happy to have built-in playmates. It is very nice everyone has been able to come home.

Here is Colin and my Dad from February. Colin carries 2/3 of my Dad's name since Colin's middle name is Michael Hinckley. Colin enjoys spending time with his Papa. He has been know to sneak out of his bed at night to cuddle with Papa and knows where my Dad keeps the M&M's in his room. A few months ago Dad set the DVR to record Curious George and Colin has spent a lot of happy time watching PBS Kids with his Papa.
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