Sweet baby Jane

We have been neglecting our photo duties of little Jane. One of the problems is Colin's obsession with the camera and partially to avoid a tantrum I avoid getting the camera out around him. We need to do better as she gets more and more cute.

She is getting quite smiley and has longer, happy alert time, but still prefers to spend most of her time nursing.

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  1. Persianlass said...
    Congrats Annie! I haven't been keeping up, shame on me. She is a cutie...there is something special about a boy and girl team.
    Hope you are recovering well and getting a chance to shower now and then.
    love to you and Brian
    achirolla said...
    What adorable pictures! She certainly is sweet. She looks a lot like Collin, too.
    rusted sun said...
    Very sweet indeed!
    CollinsFamily said...
    I realized in my post from last night that I did not say that I went to middle school and high school with brian. I have been wondering what you have been up to. How is your mom and dad?

    hope all is well and that you will email me to keep in touch.

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