Catching up

Here are a few photos from our little camera that I had not downloaded. Above is when we were staying in a hotel in downtown Seattle due to all the snow. The opera put us up so Brian could be closer in for rehearsals but then all the rehearsals were canceled. We were right across from the Seattle Center and we rode the Monorail to the only stop available. It was crazy to see so much snow in Seattle.

Colin on Christmas morning on our way to the Stuckis. He is holding his new Sheriff car and stocking loot.

New Years Day Stucki reunion. This is all the grand kids minus three. Colin was having a melt down.

Our dear friend Susan and boyfriend Larry were in town and we got to meet up for the afternoon. So great!

Our niece Anna turned 13!

And Maggie had a birthday party. She turned 6, represented by 1 candle.
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