More Opera

A few more opera photos, mainly from the dress rehearsal. We borrowed them from the production photographer's website, so they are very low quality. We are figuring what ones to order from the opera's photographer. The Pearl Fishers is a story of a love triangle, as you can see in the photo above. I was able to go again on Sunday (thanks to sister's family keeping our kids again and to the opera staff who found me a wonderful seat.) It was a great show and somehow very touching to me that day, even though I had seen the opera twice before. Great work Brian!
These shots are from the duet, "au fond du temple saint", the only really famous piece from the opera, which is not performed all that often. The duet really is one of the most beautiful things in all of opera.

Brian was pretty freaked out when he heard about the costuming (or lack thereof) this summer, but after a lot of hard work, he's not totally humiliated.

This is Brian's entrance after several years of living as a hunter in the forest.

I brought our camera so I could document backstage with more than just a cell phone camera.



  1. Susan said...
    I'll bet Brian's going to get some crazy obsessed fans out of this Mel on Flight of the Conchords.
    Brandon and Becca said...
    Very manly Brian. You look very fit, and could probably beat the pants off that other Brian Stucki on the internet.
    Julie said...
    That wig picture is kinda creepy!

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