More Happy Birthday

It was a fun birthday for Colin. Our old friend from BYU, Kimberly Harris, was hosting a playgroup at her house that morning and she invited us to make it an impromptu party. It was very kind of her to do this and sweet for Colin because he keeps talking about his birthday with his "friends". In the collage above it is kind of obvious why he ended up with no shirt on.

When Brian put the cupcake and candles on the table and before they were lit, Colin said he needed fire on them. Here Colin contemplates the fire.

Colin and I spent the afternoon watching some Scooby Doo and then went to Big Lots. We then meet up with Brian and Dana Lee and went out for some Mexican food. We took Colin's gifts and had a fun night. Colin got lots of blue Lighting McQueens and the DVD of Peter Pan (since he seems to have a little crush on Tinker Bell.)

Happy Birthday Colin! We are so happy to have you!!
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  1. The Stucki's said...
    Happy Birthday to Colin! We love keeping up with your family and can't wait to see you back in Washington again. If you can firm up a couple days to visit Yakima I will see about lining up some photo shoots.

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