Nothing could be finer

We arrived to North Carolina more than a week and a half ago. Brian is here for another Cenorentola (Rossini's Cinderella). We are very well situated with our old college friend Dana Lee. We opted to stay with her instead of opera housing so I would have some company when Brian is at rehearsals. She has a very nice townhouse and with her teaching job is able to bring home different toys for the kids. And her neighborhood has great places for me to take the kids in the stroller. We go on very nice leisure walks and can walk to Trader Joe's, Big Lots, and McDonald's to name a few. We are also across the street from a Gold's Gym that we joined and they have a kids club that Colin and Jane love. Since this is our third consecutive month away from home, we feel very fortunate to be so well situated. North Carolina is lovely and we are happy to be here.

The kids and I have spent a couple of afternoons at McDonald's. Here is Colin showing me his water and yogurt snack (but he was calling it ice cream).

Jane was looking cute in her stroller.

Here is a better photo showing Jane with her recent trick of standing up. She is very proud of herself and seems to be interested in being bipedal. Sweet baby girl.

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