Some Adolescent Angst

So we have a friend who has started a blog from her adolescent diary entries. It's quite funny. If you ever wanted to know what may have been going through a girl's mind in the 80's, here is your chance. I also like how the author mentioned to us how it is important to embrace your inner child but your inner teenage needs to be kicked to the curb. Here is how she describes the blog:

Due to not-so-popular yet compelling demand, I'm blogging my high school diary entries from the late eighties and early nineties. You are more likely to enjoy this blog if: - You were born between 1970 and 1976. - You thought George Michael would fall in love with you if he only got to know you. = During 1989 your Aquanet consumption easily exceeded fushia aerosol can per month. - You penned at least one angsty poem per week about your latest crush (usually George Michael or your paperboy). - Most importantly, you assiduously nursed any and all legitimate bouts of melancholia into sustained periods of truly impressive despair which were so so poetic that when you consulted your journals weeks after writing about each episode, you moved yourself to tears.

There is even a poetry contest! Sadly since we are traveling (and most of my teen age journals are in storage) I won't have anything to submit. As an 18 and 19 year old I did write LOTS of poems about Brian, which I finally gave to him to read only after we had been married almost 3 years. Yeah, pretty embarrassing.


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