Beautiful nieces

I did some photos of my niece for her upcoming 2nd birthday. Since I do not think my brother's family checks the blog, hopefully the photos will be a surprise when I print them. The almost 2 year old is a very dear little girl and my kids have a lot of fun with her. Between my brother's family and Brian and I, we have a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old, a 1 year old, and a newborn all in the SLC valley. My mom calls these (and other young ones, thanks to Pat and April and Jeanie's family) her second crop of grandchildren, since we also have nieces and nephews in their mid-twenties. My mom has 25 grand kids now. Pretty impressive.

Not to forget the beautiful new baby. She is almost 9 pounds at two weeks and doing wonderfully.
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  1. susan m hinckley said...
    Beautiful pictures, Ann -- So sorry to hear about your back. I guess your Dad's legacy continues, but there would be nicer ways to remember him, I'm sure.
    Ann said...
    My dad was just older than me when he had his major back surgery, very scary! Hopefully it will not come to that.

    Hope you get to NM soon Susan!

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