We have been home most of the week and thought I should catch up the blog. Above are my brother and sister-in-law's cute kids who we met in New York during Brian's break. Colin had a great time playing with them and with some of their cousins at a park in Central Park. It rained on us, but did not matter too much since the kids were playing in water. Luckily everyone had a change of clothes.

Photographed these cute kids in Phily. I love the boy showing how old he is. I want to start a series of photos of kids showing me their age.

We saw our friends Kara and Rob a few times since they live near Phily. Colin wants to live at their house "forever". They are expecting their 3rd boy so it is a little boy wonderland. It was very great to see them!

Just some cuteness from Jane. She had her 1 year check up this week and she is over 25 pounds and nearly 32 inches. She is getting more and more confident walking and has at least 10 words, which are all very darling. She is so anxious to communicate with us and such a bright little baby, but she still bites when she is excited. She broke skin on my arm today.

Our kids have loved being home this week. We got home Monday night and finally on Wednesday afternoon we started unpacking. Poor Colin, when he saw the bags asked us where we were going now. We are home for a good stretch now and we are looking forward to the break.
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  1. april said...
    thanks for taking such great pics of my kids!!! you are amazing. it was great seeing you. glad you are home for a good stretch now.

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