When leeks go to seed

We came home from NJ a few weeks ago with the garden leeks taller than Colin. We have a beautiful row of these tall leeks that the bees love. They are supposed to seed themselves so we shall see. The chard had also gone wild and was over 5 and a half feet tall.

Colin with bed head. I seem to get quite a few photos of Colin with bed head. It happens everyday.

Jane peeking out of our new racing stroller. I am a little over-protective with the extra intense sunshade. Jane has still not been sun burnt but Colin got a minor one the other day (the first in his 3 years).

Colin post hair cut and post berry smoothie.

I found out from my orthopedic doctor that I am the proud owner of a herniated disk. The month has been a little shot for me but hopefully, slowly things are getting better. I thought I had a high threshold for pain but this has been much, much worse than having a cavity filled without Novocaine or unmedicated childbirth. At least with childbirth you are rewarded with a baby you have been working on for 40 weeks. I do not think anything adorable is going to emerge from my spine. I hope for continued improvement so I can do things like basic childcare. Hmm. . . .
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  1. april said...
    we've been thinking of you, annie!!! i can easily believe that back pain takes the cake when it comes to suffering. hope you feel better soon.

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