Here are a few shots of our last evening in Kyoto before departing for Tokyo (Funny that Tokyo and Kyoto are anagrams. Or maybe Geeky is a better word).

And now for something completely different.

This is Shinjuku, the area of Tokyo near our hotel. The train station here is the busiest in the world. It serves 3.3 million people on an average day.

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  1. Anne said...
    Wow, I was there, but your photos are so much better!! I would love to know the settings on that third one if you don't mind sharing. Really awesome shot!
    Ann said...
    Brian is the better night photographer, this was shot at ISO 800, .6s at f4. He is very good at hand holding what should be done on a tripod.

    Getting back to normal life for you all? We need to skype soon, but now are quite afew time zones away. We again are so happy we could meet up!

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