Golden Pavilion

After not making back to Kyoto last Thursday due to rain, and not going on Saturday because Brian was called to a work meeting, we did go back last Monday and spent a day with some old friends. After wandering for a bit, we headed to the Golden Pavilion.

Brian was happy that is it really golden since it just looks yellow in the guide books. It was lovely.

Admiring a waterfall.

Jane was very impressed.

Kyoto is a magical place of dreams.

Jane wandering back as we were trying to leave.

And trying to buy drinks.

We went to a great conveyor belt sushi place. It was very tasty and only 100 yen per plate. Granted we had like 20 plates, but still not too bad. Colin was watching some Dinosaur Train on our friend's ipod.

We met the Schofields when we were in Israel with the New Israeli Opera in 2007 and they now live in Okinawa. They arranged a vacation to see some of Japan and were lucky to meet up! The kids have all had a great time together.

The restaurant was extra fun because there was a slot to put your used plates at the table and when 5 used plates go in, a little video game pops up to try and win prizes. I swear we won once but nothing happened. Colin was very, very sad to not get a prize.

Outside the restaurant, playing on the large man that enticed us to go inside.


  1. rusted sun said...
    It looks amazing. I'm glad you are enjoying your adventures.
    april said...
    the stroller seems to be making more appearances in your photos lately :)

    japan does seem amazing. glad you guys had fun. hope you got home safe.

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