On our first day in Tokyo, we headed over to the Asakusa area, where a very popular temple is located. Above is the Thunder Gate with its little lantern. This gate was first constructed in 942, although it has been destroyed many times.

There were fun vendors going into the tourist area. We wanted to explore this area because Brian had read it is more old town Tokyo. We bought some hot chestnut cookies that came in many fun shapes.

Jane wanting to put her own shoes on, of course.

And walk on her own.

And get too close to the burning incense (with Daddy close behind).
We don't have any photos from it, but we also wandered around Kitchen Street, where all the restaurant supplier are (there are MANY!) It was very cool, luckily helped by a well-timed Jane stroller nap so we could look at a few things. We got some lovely miso soup bowls and wanted to buy some good plastic food but it was too spendy for a novelty toy. We loved all the plastic food at nearly every restaurant!

The train/subway system through Tokyo was amazing but not really stroller friendly. We carried the stroller up and down a lot of stairs which is not too bad but not too good either. Tokyo kind of wore us out by the end. We were so lucky to have some friends there that week or we maybe would have gone crazy.
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  1. pieofthemonth said...
    POTMC t-shirt in Toyko!
    Ann said...
    We need to send more of the travels our pie t-shirts have taken. They constitute most of our daily wear. So brilliant!!!

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