recent family fun

We have a family membership to the Clark Planetarium that has been lots of fun.  All the exhibits are free, but our membership gets us into dome or Imax shows, and includes free popcorn!  Our kids love it.  Here was Kate checking out the static electricity ball. 


We also learn about clouds and sometimes put our baby in one. 

We also have a pass that lets us go to the Tracy Aviary once a week.  We were just there tonight.  It is a lovely little place.  The best was Jane on our second visit, after about 20 minutes of running around, she calls to me, "look Mom, a bird!"  Way to state the obvious little Jane. 

And just some shots from our new favorite Chinese, Sunny's Bistro by the airport.  It's a funny place, in a funny little hotel.  Yelp told us it was good and they were right.  Kate was slurping up the noodles.  Our big kids go crazy for hot and sour soup, funny kids. 

Colin fishing for more tofu in the soup, and below, Jane under that table. 

With the nicer weather, we have been playing with lots of friends, very fun! 
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  1. Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    Hot and sour soup is Maggie's favorite too. Maybe something all the kids inherited from Dad.

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