There is kind of nothing like seeing your angelic child asleep. 

Ok,awake is pretty good too, but this one is still non-verbal (but LOUD!  She knows how to make herself known).  The above sleeping one if currently learning some lessons about telling the truth, making her awake self a little less angelic.  

If you have wondered what would happen if you plant an avocado pit, here you go.  I think Colin was 3 when we planted it.  Having a Nana with a very green thumb, she kept it going for 3 years.  As avocados are not meant to live in Utah, it recently met its end.  I wish I had thought to save some wood from it for a special stick.  Colin still LOVES sticks, and I am having to enforce my "no sticks in the house" rule a lot these days.  

The tree got very tall, probably about 10-12 feet! 

Little cute photos of bed head Colin reading to Brian

And Kate learns about the riding mower and weed whacker. 
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  1. Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    Love the pics of Kate doing work with Brian, maybe she'll be a good little farmer like her dad and grandma. Also, love seeing your girls in Maggie's clothes, glad they're enjoying a good second life. I'd forgotten how cute that little navy dress was.

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