Scooby Doo

At the DI a couple years ago, I found a Mystery Machine for about $1. 

When Brian and I were at Toys R Us the 1 of 2 times we have been there as parents, we found the whole gang who fit the van perfectly. (Is it so mean?  I am trying to keep my kids sheltered from Toys R Us.  I don't want them to know it exsists.  I LOVED it so much as a kid, but as a parent, do not want to take the kids there!)   Our kids have been very Scooby focused recently, it has been very cute.  Although I should maybe be a little worried as Colin is learning weird Scooby facts and picking up on some fashion details. 

Fred and Shaggy disregarding our "fingers only" on the piano.  Those crazy kids! 
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