We have had a few changes in plans. Brian called me last week on his first trip to New York and asked me what I would think about spending January near Paris for him to sing in a concert version of Don Giovanni. When he first asked me I was severely sleep deprived and the thought made me burst into tears. Once I had some more sleep and once we found out that indeed going to France was a reality, the idea and the adventure seemed more possible. We spent the last 24 hours chasing airfares and found a great discount international travel site It was frustrating because we kept finding things that looked good and then a few minutes later they were gone. I was kind of nervous about tickets since the trip is coming up very soon, but we have done well. Sadly we have to cancel a trip to see Brian's family, but all my doctors appointments have been re-arranged and I guess we are going to France. Some of the details are still forthcoming, but it is a great opportunity for Brian and since we will be there most of the month, Brian really wanted us there too. Crazy.

To further Brian's travel drama, he was in New York the last couple of days for more auditions and had to fly to Indianapolis tonight to get in town for a Messiah rehearsal and concert engagement. However, due to bad weather, most of the flights out of La Guardia were cancelled. Thanks to some quick thinking on Brian's part, he got on a flight to Louisville (one of the very few flights to leave) and I rented him a car to return in Indianapolis. He will stay with with friends in Bloomington and get up to Indy tomorrow morning. I worry he will get too tired.

Colin had quite the afternoon. He woke up from his nap by falling out of bed, then in his groggy state, he hit his mouth really hard on the fireplace. I spent the rest of the day with a bloody shirt, but in an hour or two he was back running around. He now requests cuddling at bedtime, so I cuddled him to sleep. He is a sweet little guy.


  1. Mrs. Hass-Bark said...
    Oooh! France! So jealous.
    Pao said...
    France? Everyone's dream! I'll be enjoing your pictures from there.Sorry about Colin ,I always feel bad when Tyler fall of the bed.You are a great Mom so sweet..I want to see you, hopefully Brian will have a play around here after France..

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