Home again, home again

We had a very lucky drive from Kentucky to Utah earlier this week. Dry roads and a happy toddler. Colin really was so great, thanks to the portable DVD player. He watched "Flushed Away" over and over again and did not want me to change it to another movie. It is very cute to see him sing along to the song "Rollin' on the river" (if that is what it is called) at the end of the movie. You know what I am talking about proud Mary keep on turnin'.

Brian left for NYC the day after we got home for some auditions, but he comes home tonight. Poor Brian is still traveling a lot this month, but his schedule has gotten a little lighter due to a striking orchestra that canceled one Messiah. (We are kind of relieved for the lighter travel, but still unfortunate about the strike.)

So we are in Utah for a bit. Don't forget to call us Utah friends! I know I need to call too since no one ever knows where we are. Anyway, I have a high-needs toddler who somehow woke up poorly from the nap.


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