Sledding with friends

We had a great time on boxing day sledding with our dear friends, Ted, Juliet and Linnea. The hill by the grapes was in excellent form. Colin loved it until he got a face full of snow on one of our more rambunctious runs.

Rosy cheeks

Ted, Juliet and Linnea (in reverse order) from Tucson. Snow was a very new thing for Linnea.

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  1. malia said...
    oh, oh, oh! i loved this post because i got to see two of my favorite little families! that is so fun that you got to connect with each other and spend the day together. that is so fun. :)
    sorichfamily said...
    ann, congrats on baby #2!! how exciting! i just had to comment on this post with Juliet! i loved seeing all of you having such a fun time! enjoy Paris and know that we are truly living vicariously through all your amazing photos! take care and have fun! lara sorich

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