The last couple of weeks we saw our midwife twice and she was not able to find our baby's heartbeat. Colin was exactly the same way and ran away from the Doppler most of my pregnancy with him. He still loves hide and seek. I have been feeling the baby move and I was not having any other worrisome symptoms. All my blood work looked like a normal 17 week pregnancy, but my midwife wanted me to get in early for an ultrasound. We were able to get a peak at the baby yesterday and yes, there is a baby with a heart beat that we finally got to hear. She was quite squirmy and since I did just use a feminine pronoun, it looks like a baby girl. We are excited for a girl, but Brian does not think he will know what to do with a girl. Brian also thought it was a boy because she has been so active and kicking me a lot already.


  1. Brandon and Becca said...
    That is so exciting. I can't believe there will be another Stucki girl. This gives me hope that maybe I will get to have a girl someday top. Congrats!
    Betty said...
    Yay, girls are so sweet. Paris looks like a lot of fun. I wish I could remember all the great French places I ate at, but I only remember one: Les Mauvais Garcons on the Rue de Mauvais Garcon. Love the name too.

    I love your blog. You take such great photos!

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