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Despite all of the pictures of our touring adventures, I did actually go to France to work. I was singing a concert version of Mozart's Don Giovanni with the group pictured above, Opera Fuoco. I grabbed a few shots at one of our rehearsals. The conductor is David Stern, who is the son of Isaac Stern- the legendary violinist. The orchestra is playing on period instruments (gut strings, classical bows). They were an incredible ensemble- really tight, expressive playing. David was a pleasure to work with. The level of detail involved in the preparation was exceptional.

Here is Don Giovanni and Leporello.

After the concert with some of the team. It was extremely well received- the audience would not stop applauding. Opera Fuoco has a pretty loyal following, but David said it was an unprecedented response. I was a bit frustrated with my own performance. I was just kind of worn out from our last week's accommodations. I had late rehearsals most of the week (getting home after midnight) and Colin waking up at 6:00 am in the same room was a little difficult, although Ann tried her best to keep him quiet so I could get a little more sleep. Those of you who know Colin know quiet is not an aspect of his native temperament. We also met our babysitters on the Trocadero in the afternoon before the concert for Ann to take pictures of their daughter (see below). I thought I could just hang with Colin while they shot pictures- take it easy. But I stupidly lost track of Ann on the very busy square and spent the next half hour or so frantically looking for her with Colin in tow. He is getting heavy. Probably not the best way to relax before a big performance.
Oh well. The conductor has invited me back for the fully staged version next year, so I will hopefully have some more chances to sing it more to my own expectations.
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