Bureau of Communication

I received a complaint from my brother that our blog is boring now we are in Utah. Yes, well, life is at times a little boring, especially with Brian gone. I try to keep Colin entertained, some what clean and fed and that is about it. I am also trying hard to minimize some pregnancy complications (but it is not polite info for a blog). Anyway, while I was on someone else's blog, I found info on the Bureau of Communication. I was quite entertained, and if my brother had sent his complaint on an unsolicited feedback form or an airing of grievance, maybe we would be inclined to do something more exciting to post about. It is pretty funny, so check it out when bored or to send a formal email.


  1. Julie said...
    Some of these are pretty funny. Thanks for the link. :)
    april said...
    this was pretty funny. i think i need to print out a bunch of those apology ones since i like to do that so often.
    jungleprincess said...
    D has already sent me two of these. I think I might just have to add the link to my blog!

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