Happy Easter

Colin has loved to play with plastic eggs since last Easter, but realizing that a bunny put candy in them and hid them was very exciting for him. My brother throws a huge Easter party on the Saturday before Easter and it was a great time. Colin got really tired from all the excitement and after a while was just staggering around with his Easter bucket, still eating as much candy as he could.

Cousin Evan came for a visit with his Dad. He is just a few months younger than Colin and they had a great time together. He is supper mellow (quite a contrast to Colin) but they are both good-natured and played really well together. The day after Evan left Colin was still looking around for him. If only they did not live across the country.

31 weeks pregnant. I can no longer bend down.
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  1. Pao said...
    you look so cute , I love the orange on you..or any color you look great .Remember your orange backpack that you had in your mission? Do you still have it?
    Ann said...
    Paola! Oh yes, the orange back back lives on!!! It is kind of a treasure that I will have for a long time. Hope you all are well! Besos, Ann
    malia said...
    You look great Ann! And that little Evan is adorable! How sad that he doesn't live closer to you all.
    april said...
    i love that preggie pix of you! you look great. than fo rthe great pics of colin and fritz (don't worry you'll get used to us calling him that).

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