Freshmen (or women)

As a little thank you to my niece Elizabeth for helping with Colin while I was in New York, I offered to come down and take some photos of her and her friends. Colin had fun running around and playing peek-a-boo from behind the reflector. He has not let the orange car out of his hands for about 3 weeks now. He even takes it to bed and for bath time.

Brian contemplates the light. He is my lighting designer and photo editor. We should hire out his skills, he is really good.

Here is Elizabeth and her friends. They have all gotten an apartment together for their sophomore year. They seem like a very nice group of girls. I thought it would be fun because in 1994 when my friends and I found our first apartment at BYU, we had a little photo shoot. I set up a dorm sheet as a backdrop, put my camera on a tripod and bounced my flash off the ceiling. Below is the (now somewhat embarrassing) result. The photo was taken March 4, 1994. I do not feel too much older than 18 sometimes, but I sure am.

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  1. Erin said...
    I love it:)
    The only one who writes anything said...
    I soooooo knew that these pics were going to come back and bite me in the butt some day! No running for office for me!

    And I am sooooooooo serious that you HAVE TO GET the ped egg. Its the best gadget ever!
    Julie said...
    Wow, that's one hot photo!
    I love Colin's monkey shirt, curious george?
    Ann said...
    Carolyn, oh there are SO MANY photos of us that would prevent most of us from running for office. At least I have to scan them in and the laziness factor keeps them secret.

    Julie! I need to get your number from TL and see the new little girl!!
    malia said...
    That is awesome!
    april said...
    love the monkey shirt on colin. how fun to see elizabeth and her friends. i bet she's having a grand time. i think your freshman pic is great - i love the poses - very top modelish (hey, i already admitting to watching it).

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