Welcome spring!

Today we finally felt the promise of spring. It was a beautiful sunny sweater weather day. Colin is clearly going to be an outdoor maniac. He wanted to be outside from the time we got home from church until it was time to go to bed and threw a pretty great tantrum because he had to come in for dinner. He was collecting rocks for a good part of the evening and presented daddy with four if his best finds. You can see some of his treasures in his blurry hands above. Vive le Printemps!
(Brian wrote the above paragraph while he was packing last night. He sometimes writes and does not reveal himself, but he is evident in phrases like "Vive le Printemps". So cute. Brian is off again, this time for the week in New York. He is singing with the American Symphony Orchestra in a piece called The Destruction of Jerusalem at Avery Fisher Hall. He then leaves directly for Paris for another concert but will be home the end of next week. I am going to meet him and some other friends and family this weekend in New York without Colin. It will be my first time ever leaving Colin over night, and I hope we both survive, and hope my parents who are watching him survive.)
In the photo of Colin, we were testing out a great 5 in 1 photo reflector Brian got me for my birthday. It is a great tool and is going to give us some wonderful new lighting options. If you read this Andi and you do not have a reflector yet, you need one. We have had trouble getting photos of Colin recently since he does not like to stay very still. We get around this a little by putting him on my photography stool, which he used to not be able to get off of. However, last night after only a few shots, he figured out how to safely get down and away from the camera. He loves the camera, but he loves the rocks more.
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  1. Julie said...
    I see you're another mommy to be that can't get much sleep! Yesterday was a lovely day wasn't it. Hopefully the pending rain this week will begin to liven up our lawn.
    Colin's expression is too cute.
    :) Julie
    april said...
    from lily: "is that colin? is colin big?" (must be the haircut; it looks great.)

    great picture. glad you're enjoying your new 5 in 1 reflector. looking forward to seeing you.

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