Albion Basin

We have spent some time the last two days up Little Cottonwood Canyon since our friend Sue Anne is in from Scotland and she was at a conference at Snowbird. Lucky for us, Sue Anne has some work do to here until October. The canyon is very beautiful right now, and just a 30 minute drive from our house. We had a nice picnic with Erik and Danny but sadly did not take photos. They then had to head down for other pressing social engagements.
Colin loves Sue Anne. He includes her in his "what we are thankful for" section of his evening prayers.
It's a great time for wildflowers. (photos by Brian, Sue Anne and Colin since I was holding baby)

Colin took this photo of Mommy in the field.

Colin really is a great little hiker and loves being up the canyons.

Last of the evening light.

Mama and baby moose. They were very close off the trail. The day before we saw a big bull moose, and some other hikers said there were two bulls up the trail a bit. It makes me a little nervous to be too close, but they are amazing to see.
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  1. Doug said...
    Beautiful pictures! Looks like an awesome day in the mountains. Guys, please be aware that moose actually kill many more people than bears in Alaska. The deadliest animal of all is a mother moose around her calf. I hope you got those pics with a good telephoto lense!
    malia said...
    beautiful beautiful pictures!

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